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About The Beautiful Sky

Welcome to the official site of “The Beautiful Sky” – a creative, up and coming band based in California. We have been mastering and releasing several singles as “The Beautiful Sky” since 2014, and the result as been amazingly received all over the world, especially with popular track like “To See The World” and “Never Say Never.”

We are also posting some early demos, and you will hear how our sound has naturally evolved, not by imitating Keane or Snow Patrol, but simply by being inspired by the sounds and melodies of those awesome bands among many others.

Music fans all over the world often ask what are the bands that sound like Keane or Coldplay, and the answer is no one! It would be absurd to even try, and no sings like Tom Chaplin or Chris Martin. So we are just ourselves, loving to create music and to share it.

Thank you for even listening and if you enjoy the music for sharing far and wide…

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