Tom Chaplin (Keane) Solo Album

Tom Chaplin (Keane) Solo Album

Updated September 2016

A lot has changed since we first began this blog page discussing Tom Chaplin’ solo album! Two tracks are out (Quicksand and Hardened Heart). There is a track preview with comments by Tom but it is still hard and too early to offer a review. What we can say is that Quicksand is a excellent song, with a little (probably unintentional) wink to Duran Duran’s Ordinary World. Stay tuned for a full review coming soon. And stay tuned with the Beautiful Sky’s second album release which should also come out on October 14th!

Updated March 2016

Here some new tracks by Tom Chaplin solo, via SoundCloud:


This post was first written in July 2014 and now, it is January 2015. So after the Keane hiatus, the question remains: where is Tom Chaplin’s solo album? Wasn’t that what the temporary break was about. How good will it be? Will anybody (except Keane fans) care?

Tom now has a web site ( and active Twitter feed, and yes, he is recording his solo album as we speak (03/2016).

Twitter is

But Keane fans would like to forget that Tom is not talking about music or his forthcoming CD, but rather commenting about all kinds of peripheral topics including organized religion (dislike), golf (like) and ham (like). And recently a stolen ring. But not much about that solo album!

No sign that Tom is excited about something great coming soon in the way of awesome Keane music composed and produced by himself.

So what do we have to go by?

For those interested, there are two major articles to look at:


The first one is a rare discussion of Tom’s battle with drug addiction, and how that might influence his solo work.

The second has nothing much to say, but uses the dreaded split word.

So here at The Beautiful Sky blog we make some predictions:

(1) The album will be out by the end of the 2016 (we thought it was going to be end 2014, so we have revised that twice!)

(2) It will have major electronic influences

(3) It will be compared with Keane sure, but also with Radiohead

(4) It won’t be the end of Keane, but wait for 2017 for the next Keane opus…

Before we forget, what if Tim Rice-Oxley was to release a new killer Keane song without Tom on hand? Here are two tracks from In This Fading Light, ready to listen below (instrumental versions, how great would it be if Tom sang on them…):