The Cure New Album 2018 | Updated

The Cure New Album 2018 | Updated

The big news since this post was published in September 2017 is the announcement that the cure will have an extraordinary anniversary concert in the UK in July 2018. It is ostensibly for their 40 year anniversary which is amazing.

What is coming with the news is that it will be their only European concert which means that it is unlikely to have an album release between January 2018 and perhaps July 2018.

So in the meantime, the early 2018 release by The Cure Is Us is still very timely!

Nothing happened in 2017 as far as The Cure new album is or was concerned, but the related The Cure Is Us “Around My Head” album was incredibly well received in terms of traffic, streaming and downloads. The Cure (official) will definitely release an official new album in 2018, although it hard to give a specific date at this time. There are several rumors regarding the band (and Robert Smith) circulating, hard to verify.

The good news is that The Cure Is Us will also release a sequel, again early 2018 – the submitted (but still tentative) title is “Bleeding River.”

We are going to ask the same question or rather state the obvious: The Cure has now become one (or actually two) generations of musicians; a vast movement that makes The Cure live through the community it gave birth to over the past 30 years.

The upcoming 2018 release TCRU will include a new version of Just One Kiss (a logical successor to the ever popular new version of Lament).

Track listing:

  1. Just one Kiss (2017 version)
  2. Lift
  3. Book  of Life
  4. Story
  5. Run and Hide
  6. This Bleeding River
  7. How I Miss You
  8. Hello
  9. Supernatural
  10. Astray

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