The Cure New Album 2017

The Cure New Album 2017

It is incredible to think that the last album release by The Cure was 4:13 Dream from 2008. Going on 9 years ago… And most fans agree that the 2004 and 2008 albums were disappointing. Since Disintegration and Wish, the best release was Bloodflowers, which some consider to be the last true Cure album. What about The Cure New Album 2017 ? What if Robert Smith was reborn in 2017, 27 in 2017, 30 years after Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me? What if the French poetry which influenced How Beautiful You Are came back to us through a collective of musicians able to recapture in a timeless form the spirit of Charlotte Sometimes and Lament?

The Cure The Top 1984

“Around My Head” (release date February 2017) opens with Lament 2017, a new versionĀ of a little-known song (SoundCloud below), rarely played live by the band, but with a cult status. The 9 other tracks go from retro-early-synth-rock (Never Say Never) to the dark climax of Return to the Light.

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A rare performance of Lament (1990)
Lament (2017) Promo
On My Way (2017) Promo