New Order Restless Review

New Order Restless Review

“Restless” was the first “single” released from New Order’s Music Complete which was greatly anticipated. Now, this alone deserves a discussion: are bands like New Order still relevant? Is the world at large going to care about a new album by New Order?

It seems that the answer is yes, at least in the case of New Order. Brandon Flowers of The Killers is lending his own fame and following to the cause, and the world at large is stuck between neo-disco-funk and pop-rap, so anything interesting is going to be welcome.

But “Restless” is not a track released for the big world. Rather, it was released to create interest and anticipation among New Order fans: it is classic New Order (almost too classic), and the absence of bassist Peter Hook (albeit noticeable) is not screaming. “Restless” is a track that grows on the listener after 2 or 3 listens, and it is a good track. However, it is not on the level of Regret or Waiting for a Siren’s Call. It is, as far as New Order is concerned, a B+ track.

What is noticeable and encouraging is the effect of talented instrumentalists on the new New Order: Phil Cunningham adds his strong guitar touch and Tom Chapman does not claim to be the bigger-than-life and in-a-class-of-his-own Peter Hook. But he is solid and authentic, able when needed to deliver Peter Hook inspired moments.

All in all, Restless is a fine track. No a single in the present-day meaning of that term, but a useful track to open the new album.


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