New Order Plastic Review

New Order Plastic Review

“Plastic” isĀ the secondĀ “single” released from New Order’s Music Complete. We have already reviewed “Restless” which was the first single and not really a single at that.

But Plastic is really a single, and an interesting track by all accounts, and on the CD is it track #2, coming right after the classic New Order sounding (and guitar driven) “Restless.”

Plastic has a gripping opening that brings the listener back to Technique era vintage New Order, but the track still sounds current. And that is the amazing part: Plastic sounds current, even at a time when dance club tracks no longer have vocals. But this is a totally dance floor ready track that really pulsates New Order back on the front stage of cutting edge music making. Yes, there is something annoying about New Order channeling Donna Summer (as it as been described), but this is nothing new…

For musicians, the amazing part about a track like Plastic is that it is surprisingly hard to make that kind of music with that kind of sound. It seems easy, and the technology has evolved so much since Technique and the late 1980s. But in the end, it takes real talent and kind of magic touch to deliver a track like that.

On a scale of 1 to 100, Plastic gets 90, on its own terms, for what it is. A reminder that a single band can deliver a dance floor anthem right after a guitar driven Brit-pop melody, and right before a unique retro-punk-synth-rock gem like Singularity.