Keane Hiatus or Break up?

Keane Hiatus or Break up?

Okay. So Keane has announced that they are going on a hiatus. That was after the Strangeland Tour (ended late 2013) which must have been grueling. The “break” means no new material for, say, 2 or 3 years.

That is going to be a long time… Some critics were pretty rough on their latest CD “Strangeland” perhaps because “Hopes and Fears” had set the bar so high. Also, the most recent singles (post “Strangeland” and “Best of”), for example “Higher than the Sky” were disappointing. Can Tim write unbelievable songs like Somewhere Only We Know again? We shall see.

A final break up is possible but unlikely. Let’s predict a reunion in late 2015 and a new CD late 2016…

In the meantime, what now?

Explore other bands (see our Post Bands that sound like Keane). Learn the piano! Don’t keep your hopes too high for great solo material from Keane members, or from some of the established bands. The most recent Killers CD (“Battleborn”) was that kind of letdown. They used to write great music; now the production is great but the songs are lame. See our review of OneRepublic Native…

It’s hard to believe that Coldplay is going to release anything in 2015 after a “Ghost Stories” that was disappointing to many.

In the meantime, welcome to The Beautiful Sky! Fill the Keane hiatus-void with some of our most recent tracks below, straight from SoundCloud: