Keane 2016 New Album?

Keane 2016 New Album?

Keane has been on a long hiatus since the end of the Strangeland Tour. No news on the official web site since 2016. Tom Chaplin’s solo album is unlikely to be what Keane fans are hoping. So what can we expect from Keane in 2016?

Tom has a web site ( and active Twitter feed, and yes, he just released his solo album as we speak (October 14, 2016 is the actual release date and we have 2 singles and a short preview as of this writing).

Update (09/2016): see our Post on Keane’s latest single with our review.

The sense out there is that Tim (Rice-Oxley) has been working hard on new songs that aim at recapturing the magic of unforgettable tracks like Somewhere only we know or Bed Shaped. Tim had to wait for Tom to get through his post-world tour post-traumatic stress syndrome. Strangeland was not very well received in parts of the world (US), which caused disappointment.

We expect that Tim and Tom will reconcile and return to the studio by July, which means that Keane will surprise the world with a compelling new album by the end of the year. There are lots of amazing songs in Tim’s hands and fingers – to be discovered in less time than some people think.

If you are have any news on Keane 2016 and the new album, let us know and we will update this page. In the meantime, enjoy Unfrozen and Don’t Give Up, our most Keane-like songs, and consistently the most played and downloaded. Thank you for the feedback, the likes and the replays!