Bands that sound like The Killers

Bands that sound like The Killers

The Killers is a US indie rock band with a sound that seems mostly influenced by other earlier bands (early Joy Division? 80’s bands, etc). As a result, few people ask if any other recent bands that sound like The Killers because the typical question is more: who do The Killers sound like? Do they sound like The Cure? Like Joy Division? Interpol? And what about the more recent polished FM rock sound of Battleborn which is a departure from the 80s-inspired synth-rock sound that made them so popular?

Let’s get back to basics: The Killers became famous (and deservedly so) for cool alternative hits like “Somebody told me” “Mr Brightside” “Smile Like You Mean It” etc. Back to basic here means the band’s name: The Killers is taken from New Order’s video for their single Crystal, so here we go: if we can say that The Killers sound like New Order (to an extent), we can say that New Sounds like The Killers. After all, New Order is still active is about to release a new album with Mute Record (end 2015?). But that’s not fair, because we would to need to create a “Bands that sound like New Order” page and place The Killers there, with due respect to seniority. Well, it should be said that the WIKI page for The Killers features one audio sample (“All these things I’d done”). This particular really sounds like New Order, so we have to put New Order in this list and move on.

Then, there is Joy Division, which is a major influence as well. To the point that Sam’s Town has a great cover of Shadowplay, and the song was played like during the tour, ending up in The Killer’s amazing Live at the Royal Albert Hall DVD. But then again, Joy Division is the same band as New Order, with the iconic Ian Curtis as front man.

Looking at the pedigree, we might as well mention The Cure as a band that must be placed somewhere on that list as well. After, there are many of us still discovering The Killers and not aware of the similarity with way older bands like New Order and The Cure. So here we offer two tracks for bands like Killers with rank #1 and #2.

#1 Primitive Notion: New Order (same album as the one with Crystal)

#2 In Between Days: The Cure

What about more recent bands? Any recommendations? Here we go:

#3 Muse

Here is a 10 best songs by The Muse. Let us know if the video quits working…

#4 Never Say Never: The Beautiful Sky

Not a typical track, but always mentioned by Killers fans as in here is a band that sounds like The Killers… and it has that killer bass line trademark sound…

#5 Death Cab for Cutie

#6 The Strokes

#7 Atlas Genius

#8 We’re the Kids: Parade of Lights

#9 Arcade Fire

#10 The Black Keys