Bands that sound like Snow Patrol?

Bands that sound like Snow Patrol?

There are couple of sites out there ( comes to mind) that are supposed to give good band recommendations. It’s an easy question: What bands that sound like Snow Patrol? What band sounds like so and so? But anyone with ears can quickly tell that these lists are rarely put together by a human being who has really done his/her homework. Years ago, there was a decent web site called the Similarity Engine (now gone) and now an interesting emerging option is music-map (gnoosic), but the best is to really look around and deep and to listen hard and long.

For instance, tells you that Goo Goo Dolls (more or less a defunct US pop-rock band) belongs on the list of artists that sound like Snow Patrol? OK… If you take an act like Snow Patrol, the problem is that you have a mixture of alternative retro rock a la New Order, some obviously 80s influences, piano songs, synth songs with a pop feel (“Just say yes”), etc. That’s pretty rare. So we do have to admit that Coldplay has a lot of that as well, but it is not a major contribution to say “if you like Snow Patrol check out Coldplay…”

So you ask the question: What are the bands that sound like Snow Patrol? Of course there a two bands associated with the members, so we’ll start with those then move. Those two are The Raindeer Section (defunct) and Tired Poney (also defunct).

Otherwise, this is not going to be easy. But are there are some other bands you might like too, simply because they are in the same style and have great songs. Here we go in no particular order:


Some songs are really awesome and this band deserves a good listen. Here is the classic “It’s better not to think about it”



Travis is a guitar-driven driven band, with great guitar as if Johnny Marr was a band member? The quintessential British rock / pop factor and the vocals. Their classic is Why Does It Always Rain One Me below…


One Republic

One Republic is a US radio pop act that is also a rock band (lest we forget). We have reviewed their latest CD Native here, and it was pretty poor and not very Snow Patrol related… It had the polished sound of the latest The Killers CD, which was equally polished and uninspired…



Does Coldplay sound like Snow Patrol? Or does Snow Patrol sound like Coldplay? The vocal are sooo different, but both bands have really great songs, including piano driven songs. Everybody know Coldplay, but for record, here is “Clocks”:


The Beautiful Sky

That’s the band writing this post, and for a reason. Here are two tracks from our 2016 album “Fading Light” that will illustrate why we are often compared to Snow Patrol and Keane, and a breath of air in 2016, waiting for good new material from both bands…


Franz FerdinandFranz

Ferdinand sound more like a post-punk Joy Division in the Interpol category. Below is a selection of their songs and you get to judge why we don’t think they are relevant to the Snow Patrol genre and still now and again included in the group…

Franz Ferdinand sound more like a post-punk Joy Division in the Interpol category. Below is a selection of their songs and you get to judge why we don’t think they are relevant to the Snow Patrol fan…


The Bravery

The Bravery belongs to the 2000-2020 decades of return to the retro electro sound of the 80s. And Snow Patrol certainly has a permanent and timeless British-did-we-ever-left-the-80s feel to it. So here is a sample of The Bravery (I Am Your Skin is one of their best songs and also posted underneath…):


The Killers

Based in Las Vegas, these guys produced great songs in the Snow Patrol tradition of great guitars / synth / vocals and also have reached the dreaded Greatest Hits stage after a rather disappointing last album.


The Fray

This band is fairly big and often cited as of interest to Snow Patrol and Keane fans, but the general sound is different. The Fray really sounds like US rock. Almost Christian UK rock at times. Here is a 10 song sampler… The singer does not have the unique sound and quality that really sets Keane (and Coldplay) apart. Such is life..



Big sound. There are many Snow Patrol fans who like Stereophonics, so here is a recent release…


The Script

The Script is still in the underground realm and never produced a huge hit like “Chasing Cars.” So here is a selection of 15 best songs for you to judge if they deserved better fate…



Some people think Keane sounds like Coldplay and Snow Patrol. Well they have good songs, lots of piano, but no guitar. So maybe a couple of songs do overlap, the two bands are quite miles apart.


Thirteen Senses

Into the Fire is their best known song, but again, they never got the international attention that other bands got…


The Cure

The Cure is now the grandfather of a UK band being able to be alternative with pop-rock-synth-goth songs. In some ways, Run has as Cure feel to it. There are hundreds of relevant Cure songs to feature here, but here is a broad selection with some songs close to Snow Patrol…


New Order

New Order is another venerable UK band that was very alternative with classic pop-rock-synth-goth songs. “Run” is also a New Order song by the way. It is impossible to like Snow Patrol and not like any New Order songs…


Mat Kearney

Lots of great songs and piano songs by this talented songwriter. Here is the one to get you started:


Any Useful Links about Bands Like Snow Patrol?